Dec 2009

Paper I

1. Post-operative pain management. Describe patient control analgesia.
2. Clinical features and management of stove in chest.
3. Indications of Limb salvage surgery in malignant bone tumors. Describe the techniques of limb salvage in osteosarcoma.
4. Uses of botulinum neurotoxin in Orthopaedic surgery.
5. Define pigmented villonodular synovitis. Describe pathology, clinical features, diagnosis & its treatment.
6. Give a functional classification of muscles around the shoulder. Enumerate the indications for shoulder arthrodesis. What are the pre-requisites for a good result? Describe any one technique of shoulder arthrodesis.
7. Describe pathophysiology of nerve compression (entrapment) syndromes. Enumerate various syndromes of nerve entrapment. Give an outline of the management of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.
8. What is traumatic arthrotomy of the knee joint? What is fluid challenge test to confirm the diagnosis in doubtful cases? Outline the principles of management.
9. What are the various causes of late onset paraplegia in tuberculosis of spine? Describe the investigative modalities and outline the principles of management.
10. Describe the management of unicompartmental osteoarthrosis knee.

Paper II

1. Management of septic arthritis in children,
2. Pathophysiology, types and clinical features of Osteogenesis Imperfecta
3. Prognostic factors and outcome in the treatment of Perthe’s disease
4. Describe Madelung deformity, classification, clinical features and management of Perthe’s disease
5. Classify congenital dislocation of knee. Comment on differential diagnosis and management
6. Draw a diagram of Floor Reaction Orthosis, What is a good indication for its use. Describe mechanism of action
7. Orthopaedic manifestation of neurofibromatosis
8. Describe muscular dynamics in calcaneovalgus deformity. Describe management in patients before and after attaining skeletal maturity
9. Classification of neurogenic bladder and management
10. What are closed chain and open chain exercises and discuss ACL rehabilitation protocol

Paper III

1. Classification, management and complication of fractures of the radial head and neck in children
2. What are Monteggia equivalents, discuss the principles of management of Monteggia fracture dislocation in children
3. Principles of management of a pulseless hand after supracondylar fractures in children
4. Role of ultrasound in fracture healing
5. Subacromial impingement syndrome
6. Describe indications for amputation, Principles of lower limb amputation in children
7. What is Mangled Extremity severity score(MESS), describe principles of flap coverage in proximal one third of tibia
8. Classify ankle fractures, which pattern has syndesmotic instability, what is their management?
9. What are biodegradable implants, what is their chemical composition? Mention the indications of their use, advantage and disadvantage of their use
10. What is central cord syndrome, describe its clinical presentation. How will you manage such a case?

Paper IV

1. Osteochondral allograft transplantation. Mention indications for the procedure
2. Role of Pamidronate in bone metastasis
3. What do you understand by patellar instability, describe the principles of management, before and after skeletal maturity?
4. Enumerate modalities leading to biological enhancement of fracture healing. Mention the methods of preservation of allogenic bone grafts. Comment on mode of action, advantages and disadvantages
5. Describe the pathogenesis of hallux valgus deformity; describe the role of metatarsus primary varus in the pathogenesis. How will you manage an adolescent girl with severe hallux valgus?
6. Describe various types of rickets; describe biochemical changes and clinical presentation of various types of rickets!
7. Define osteoporosis. Comment on types, causes and management
8. What is highly cross linked polyethylene? How is it manufactured? How has it affected modern total hip arthroplasty?
9. Anatomy of Lisfranc joint, and management of injuries around the joint
10. Describe gate control theory of pain. What is transcutaneous nerve stimulation and its indications?