A multitude of journals and large number of articles are been published daily, enriching the Orthopaedic Literature. Few of these articles are free; however most of them are paid articles. Having access to all the sites or buying an article might not be feasible options of researchers in our country where no official funding is available for research and authors have to pay from their pockets for these research papers. Also many older volumes of journals are not available online and only hard copies of such articles exist. Recently we had a similar experience where we could not get full text of an article as it was not available online. We directly wrote to the authors, requesting them to provide us their manuscript for research purposes only. The author was kind enough to provide the manuscript. With this the idea of ‘Article Sharing Programme’ originated.

Authors-Share-Article Programme (ASAP) is an unique programme where the members of Indian Orthopaedic Research Group can share their published articles with each other. The authors of any article are bounded by copyrights, however sharing to peers and colleagues is allowed by most publishers. Also in cases where there are no online soft copies available, the authors remain the only source of the articles. The ASP will collaborate between authors and the researchers thus helping both in getting a citation and reference respectively. Further details are provided in FAQ format at following link
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