Workshop on Thesis Writing and Publication

Research and thesis writing has been an integral part of the post graduate curriculum, however no formal teaching of research and research methodology is provided to the students. This issue becomes especially relevant to surgical branches like Orthopedics where both the guides and students have no formal training in Research methods.

The IORG Basic Research Course in Thesis writing and publication is planned to serve two main goals:

1. Provide Guidelines to write a good thesis
2. Provide Guidelines to convert the thesis into a Journal Publication.

The course aims at providing:

  • Vital research principles & tools to students to perform a scientific research & write a quality thesis.
  • Complete information regarding the standard university format with guidelines on selection of a thesis topic
  • Step by step guidance through detailed sessions for critical aspects of thesis including introduction, review of literature, material methods, results and discussion.
  • A brief overview of essential knowledge of statistics
  • Guidelines for creating a Journal publication from their thesis
  • A unique opportunity to discuss the thesis of every participant and get individual queries resolved under expert guidance by working in small groups

This will be designed to be a one day workshop.

Who should attend ?
This will be a unique workshop focusing only on research methodology and thesis writing for post graduate students to help them to understand the principles of writing  a good thesis and getting it published in peer reviewed Journal.

We are now testing the feseability of such a workshop in PUNE, Maharashtra. We will like to have a feedback from the Postgraduate students who will be interested in attending such a programme. Please Drop a mail to us at      If we find enough number of people interested in attending this workshop we will make arrangements and specify the dates for the same.