The Team of Asian Journal of Arthroplasty is Proud to present the First Announcement of the Asian Journal of Arthroplasty (AJA).

Arthroplasty as a field has seen tremendous growth within last decade, specially in  Asian countries. Number of patients undergoing Arthroplasty has increased tremendously along with number of Surgeons performing these surgeries. This has lead to accumulation of enormous data and research in Asia. Geo-social and economical factors play a major role in Asian countries and huge differences exist in behavior replaced Joints. Although the editors welcome submissions from all over the world, AJA aims to provide a platform for publication of Frontline Arthroplasty Research originating from Asia.  The stress is on latest research in the field of arthritis and arthroplasty including aetiopathology, clinical and radiographic outcomes, surgical technique and implant design, biomechanics, and biomaterials.

The Asian Journal of Arthroplasty will be a peer-reviewed journal which will follow the highest standard of Editorial process, Review process and Publication protocol. A team of most well know Researchers and Academicians is been currently assembled and soon the complete Editorial Board will be announced. The Asian Journal of Arthroplasty will be a quarterly (4 issues per year) print and online journal. The online version will be an open access source and the print version will be made available on subscription. The journal will publish original articles, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, instructional lectures, case reports, technical notes and letters to the editor.

The Journal is affiliated to the ”Orthopaedic Research Group” an organisation dedicated to promoting Evidence Based Clinical Orthopaedic Research

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