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Discovering That Thigh Size Is A Reason Why Hip Implants Fail May Lead To Better Design

Larger thigh girth causing soft tissue impingement may be the cause of dislocation in obese patients. Simulation studies reveal that Large diameter Head implants also do not protect from such dislocation. Increasing the femoral offset may be a modfication that might help in these obese patients

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Two Knee Replacements May Be Better Than One

Simultaneous  Knee joint replacement may reduce incidence of Joint Infection ...do you agree - disagree?

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 Hydroxyapatite coating of Bone allografts

After processing the bone allograft lose all their osteogenic potential. Coating the allograft with hydroxyapatite might restore the osteogenic potential. How far we have reached in doing this (of course cost will be more inhibiting for us here)



Ortho Journal Update

 Preoperative Anemia in Total Joint Arthroplasty: Is It Associated with Periprosthetic Joint Infection?

Study of more than 15000 TKR indicates that preop anaemia may be correlated with post operative Joint infection

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Clinical outcomes after repair of quadriceps tendon rupture: A systematic review

Good study to know about the incidence of various parameters in Quadriceps tendon rupture




IORG Recommends

The Effects of Locked and Unlocked Neutralization Plates on Load Bearing of Fractures Fixed With a Lag Screw

Study from Lebanon indicates that there is no advantage in using a more expensive locked plate over a standard plate for neutralization purposes if adequate screw purchase can be achieved.



 Predictors of blood transfusion in patients undergoing elective surgery for degenerative conditions of the spine

Study from spain says that Females, ASA 3, preoperative hemoglobin ≤136 g/L and age older than 60 years increase the risk to be transfused in the postoperative period for degenerative conditions of the spine. WILL THIS AFFECT YOUR PRACTICE?



New Orthopaedic Techniques

The Kebab Technique: An Easy Method of Patellar Tendon Reattachment in Partial Patellectomy Using an Angiocath Cannula

Muzaffar, Nasir; Ahmad, Aejaz; Maqbool, Mubashir

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Yanke, Adam; Ellman, Michael B.; Sherman, Seth L.; Bach, Bernard R. Jr

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Contents and Formulations of Platelet-Rich Plasma

Amy S. Wasterlain, Hillary J. Braun, Jason L. Dragoo

PDF (1309 KB)


Interesting News Related to Orthopaedics


Metal-On-Metal Hip Implants - Few Reasons To Carry On Using Them, FDA Panel Says

A review board of FDA has the above recommendations, however they did not go ahead to suggest removal of these implants from market



Methylene Blue in the Treatment of Discogenic Low Back Pain

This study from Montreal shows no benefit of using Methylene blue for discogenic LBP

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IORG Members News

1.Paper Publication by Dr Pranjal Kodkani

Implantless, Tunnel-free MPFL Reconstruction: A “Basket Weave” Technique


2. Dr Qaed Dhariwal and Dr Kiran Kharat Organising

CME on Small Joint Replacements using Ceramic Implants




1. New REQA questions for Post graduates



2. Free full text articles through ALFA

Free 20 full text articles on Infection in Total knee arthroplasty (last two years)

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3.New DNB Short Notes for Post graduates



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