Orthopaedic Research Club is a new Initiative of IORG that shows the commitment of Indian Orthopaedic Research Group in Improving the Research Education in India. This initiative is basically aimed at residents and trainees and help them learn about principles of research early in their career.  We have started with the the Mumbai branch of the Club and soon other branches will be started. 

The First Meet of the Mumbai ORC was held Last Friday at Sir JJ Hospital and was well attended

Orthopaedic Research Club - Mumbai

Aim- Initiate, Establish and Propagate Research Culture in Ortho Residents and Trainees


Vision: Research is Pursuit of Knowledge. It is a scientific way of pursuing knowledge and enriching ourselves. Although a medical school does teach us how to gain knowledge, it hardly focuses on the scientific way. Research has tremendous importance in a medical career, however this topic is not even introduced till we are half way through are medical Education. Having Publication early in medical career will help in developing a great Scientific Outlook and research culture in our Medical Graduates.

Objectives: The basic objectives will be to make residents acquainted with principles of scientific inquiry, principles of Research and Publication.

1. Discussion on individual projects the residents are involved

2. Tips of collecting literature and also assist in fining articles

3. Help in designing the study, planning data collection and doing statistics

4. Discussion on principles of manuscript writing and publication


Plan of Action:

1. ORC-Mumbai will have meeting every once a month in one of centers in Mumbai. A convenient timing will be fixed and the meet will last for two to three hours [preferable time will be Saturday evenings or Wednesday evenings]

2. We will form a Google/Facebook group named Orthopaedic Research Club and add all who wish to be part of this group. Any topic or project discussed will be put on the group mail and should also be send to Dr Ashok Shyam who will be conducting the sessions.

3. Each session will begin with a brief talk by Dr Ashok Shyam and then individual thesis/project/paper/study can be discussed in details.

4. As the club grows we will formulate plans according to need of the group.


More suggestions can be incorporated as we go along.

Basic structure can be

1. One short lecture of 15 mins where I can talk on research

2. Two papers discussed

3. One Thesis Discussed

4. Journal Club where one article is discussed. [this article can be shared beforehand in the google group / facebook group].



First Meet of ORC-Mumbai

This was organised at Sir JJ Hospital, Mumbai on 22nd Feb 2013.

This was attended by residents from Sir JJ Hospital and KEM Hospital Mumbai.

Dr Ashok Shyam anchored the meet and many points on research and thesis writing were discussed

Dr Jagtap, Head of Ortho Dept, Sir JJ Hospital attended the meet and encouraged the students about research.

Dr Dheeraj Sonawane Organised the meet and took care of all the arrangements

Points Discussed

1. Meaning of Research and its implications in Clinical Practice

2. Thesis Discussion

3. Common difficulties faced by residents and trainees in doing research at Medical Colleges

4. Group Discussion

In all the Orthopaedic Research Club has the potential to grow and guide the Ortho Residents and Trainees and will continue to grow

Next ORC -Mumbai Meet at Sir JJ Hospital - 30th March 2013. Please contact Dr Dheeraj for Registration


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