We are glad to announce launch of  Second Mobile Application from Indian Orthopaedic Research Group

‘Goniometer Records’ is an Unique app  as it not only measures the range of motion at joints but also helps you keep a record of all the readings so you can compare patient’s readings at various visits. Currently available for both android and iPhone.

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The app can measure accurate range of motions within seconds and will be very helpful in busy clinical practice. 



It is simple to use application and is available for download at Google play store [Click Here to Download]


'GONIOMETER  RECORDS' is the First app to combine Goniometer Readings with basic patient records

Salient Features:
-Highly accurate digital Goniometer to measure angles in large joints, small joints and also of spine
-Readings can be recorded with separate profile for each patient to keep a good record to check the sequential improvement in the range of motion at different follow up.

How to Use the App:
Simple steps below detail the use of the app considering we are measuring knee range of motion
Step 1: place the phone on the surface of thigh with 'measure against this edge' touching the surface


Step 2: Click start and measure arm of Goniometer appears and will be sensitive to movement


Step 3: Move the mobile now from thigh surface and place it the surface of tibia with "measure against this edge touching the surface.


Step 4: Click stop and Goniometer reading can be seen. If before clicking stop you wish to move the tibia, the Goniometer can give 'Dynamic readings too.



Step 5: Click 'Save Reading' and panel on saving the records will open, follow the instructions and fill the form. 

   2013-05-12-22-55-21    2013-05-12-22-55-31

Step 6: The records can be emailed or saved locally in your phone and follow up readings can be added to particular patient profile.



Step 7: Entire database can be searched anytime to find patients at follow up. Date, Patients name, tag words, and diagnosis can be used to search the database

2013-05-12-23-29-44    2013-05-12-23-29-51


Detailed Videos of measurements will be uploaded soon. for details visit www.iorg.co.in

CAUTION: App cannot be used in horizontal plane as the measurement is based on 'Accelerometer' Technology which uses Gravity and thus cannot be used in gravity eliminated  horizontal plane.

‘Goniometer Records’ not only records the range of motion of all joints but also helps you keep a record of all the readings so you can compare patient’s readings at various visits. Especially for surgeons and therapists who are following up a patient at regular intervals. 
Goniometer is based on accelerometer technology and tested for its accuracy by scientific methods with paper published in peer review Journal. It is simple to use and very accurate. It can be used for large joints and also small joints of hand. We have specifically tested this for spine and found it as accurate as a digital goniometer [research under way and first results to be published soon].
Records is based on simple patient record sheet which will be useful in capturing and recording specific data of the patient including demographic and diagnosis along with what treatment schedule. This will help in keeping watchful eyes on the patient’s improvement and also compare the range of motion at sequential intervals of time. Easy to see the improvement in patients range of motion.

This is app allows you free use for 25 readings only with provision for further purchase of the app. For any issue related with the app please write to us at indian.ortho@gmail.com


 Demo Video on How to use the App


 Research and Publication

 This Mobile App has been subjected to extensive research and is been validated compare to standard instrument of measuring range of motion

One peer reviewed article in already published and other are underway

1. Inter and intra-rater reliability of mobile device goniometer in measuring lumbar flexion range of motion [Click Here to visit publication on pubmed]

2. Scientific work based on the goniometer records app Won Gold Medal in Research at Indian Orthopaedic Association Conference in 2013 at Agra [Click here to view this publication]