This article was published in Journal of Medical Cases in 2011

Volume 2, Number 6, December 2011, pages 252-254

Treatment of A Late Presenting Displaced Radial Neck Fracture in A 10 Years-old Girl

Thomas G. Papageorgioua, Nikolaos E. Panosa, Ioannis P. Gigisa, b, Efthimios P. Samoladasa, Theodoros A. Beslikasa,Ioannis E. Christoforidisa

2nd Orthopaedic Department, “G. Gennimatas” General Hospital, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

bCorresponding author: Ioannis P. Gigis, Profiti Ilia 13, Pylea, 55535, Thessaloniki, Greece. Email:



 Pediatric radial neck fractures are relatively common injuries resulting from a fall onto an outstretched arm. Late diagnosis and treatment of pediatric radial neck fractures are extremely rare. We report a case of a late-presenting displaced radial neck fracture in a 10-year-old girl, type III with translocation of the radial head on the neck. The child was seen in our department 120 days after the injury and was treated with open reduction and internal fixation with K-wire. The arm was immobilized and the K-wire was removed 6 weeks after insertion and the patient underwent a step-wise rehabilitation programme. Three months later, the patient was symptom free, had a normal carrying angle as well as an excellent range of movement with full pronation and supination. Early recognition, proper management and physical therapy led to complete recovery and full functional movement of the elbow.


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