Orthopaedic Writers Club is an exclusive club which will consists of surgeons who have published at least 2 articles in peer reviewed Journals.

The aim of this club is to help the club members in getting more publishing opportunities.

IORG get proposal for help required for publication from many institutes and surgeons. These projects can be given to OW Club members who can help in writing the manuscript and will be taken as co-authors [we are strictly against 'Ghost Writing' and do not recommend or support such undertaking]. IORG will be taking the consent from primary authors and members of OWC will be informed accordingly.

Terms and Condition:

  • Decision of IORG Executive Committee will be final regarding Manuscript and authorships
  • All OWC members who are involved in our projects should respect the timelines and try to attain highest quality of manuscript
  • All OWC members have to write Indian Orthopaedic Research Group, Orthopaedic Writers Club as their affiliation for the projects they will be involved with.
  • All OWC Projects are a priviledged information and should not be shared or distributed without prior consent

Please join IORG as a member [membership options ] and write an email to us in the format shown below

All members who wish to get involved in Orthopaedic Writers Club should send us a mail at indian.ortho@gmail.com along with their CV [RESUME]

Please write the subject of the mail as ‘Application for Orthopaedic Writers Club’

Please include following paragraph in the mail

- I Dr _________________________  wish to apply for inclusion into IORG Orthopaedic Writers Club. I have read and understood the terms and conditions and am ready to comply with them. I understand that decison of IORG Core committe will be final in terms of selection of topics, articles and authorships.

Please attach your CV to the mail

Orthopaedic Writers Club