Dear Colleagues,

Hip Preservation has become quite popular in the west and is offering significant relief to a large volume of young patients with incongruous hips .

At present in the infancy in India , hip preservation offers hope to numerous adolescent and young patients with early arthritis of the hip to prevent , postpone or eliminate the need for hip replacement.

Reshaping the hip to improve its biomechanics and make the hip more spherical and congruous is the cornerstone of treatment in situations such as Healed Perthes, SCFE , FAI . Acetabular Dysplasia .

This goal can be achieved by Arthoscopy , Safe Surgical Dislocation of the Hip with Osteochondroplasty , Labral Repair or the Ganz type of Acetabular osteotomy .

We take great pleasure in inviting you to participate in the MOA Meet The Master Programme on Hip Preservation to be conducted in Pune . The Master for the Meeting is a renowned Pediatric and Adult Hip reconstruction surgeon from Chicago USA : Dr Prasad Gourineni ,who will be taking us through various aspects of diagnosis and management which will include case discussions, lectures, videos etc.

The highlight will be live demonstration surgery for Hip preservation .We urge you to register for the meeting ASAP to avoid disappointment . Be a part of the new conceptual shift in managing young Arthritics.


Dr Sandeep Patwardhan

Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon

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FINAL PROGRAMME  : MOA Meet The Master : Dr Prasad Gourineni

Day 1

 7.45 am to 8.15 am : Registration and breakfast

8.15 am to 8.30 am: Inauguration : Dr Ajit Phadke / Dr Nitin Deshpande

8.30 am to 9.30 am : Back to the Basics  : Chair : Dr Bhagali / Dr Govardhan

Anatomy , Morphology Vascularity of the pediatric and adult Hip

Making sense of imaging :  Lines and Signs on X rays

Advanced imaging  ;CT / MRI ..why? when ?what do I see? How does it help ?

9.30 am to 11.00 am : Unstable / Dysplastic hip :  Chair : Dr Venkatdass / Dr Ranade

Tackling the pelvic problem

  1. Percutaneous Pemberton technique
  2. Triple osteotomy technique
  3. Ganz osteotomy technique
  4. Ideal correction

Case discussions : Dr Prasad / Dr Venkatdass

11.00 am to 12.30 pm : Healed Perthes : Tackling residual effects : Chair : Dr Nagda / Dr Desai

  1. Coxa plana + magna, Head reduction osteotomy technique
  2. Combined surgical dislocation and PAO technique
  3. Neck lengthening

Case discussions : Dr Prasad / Dr Taral Nagda

12.30 pm – 1.15 pm : Lunch break

1.15 pm – 3.15 pm :  FAI : A New Disease ? or  we didn’t know about it ? Chair : Dr Tapasvi /Dr Joshi

  1. Mechanics
  2. Theories of etiology
  3. Clinical features, back, SI, pubalgia
  4. Cam, pincer, Abrasion, Contr-coup
  5. Cam, Pincer, subspine, Greater troch, lesser troch impingement
  6. My clinical classification
  7. Dysplasia combined with FAI
  8. Treatment options
    1. Acetabular side
    2. Femoral side
  • Labral options
  1. Surgical dislocation
  2. Smith Peterson approach
  3. Introduction to hip arthroscopy


Case discussions : Dr Prasad / Dr Tapasvi

3.15 pm to 3.30 pm : Tea and gossip

3.30 pm – 5.00 pm : SCFE Slipped epiphysis : Chair : Dr Aroojis / Dr Deshmukh

  1. My Classification
  2. Ideal screw fixation technique
  3. Anterior open reduction of Unstable SCFE
  4. Dunn osteotomy for unstable slip
  5. Modified Dunn osteotomy
  6. Femoral neck osteotomy technique


Case Discussions : Dr Prasad / Dr Aroojis

Day 2

8 .00 am onwards

Interactive Live Surgical Demonstration ***

1.10 year old child : Dysplastic hip :

Neck Lengthening with PAO through SSD approach

2.12 year old healed perthes

Head reshaping (Osteochondroplasty) through SSD

3.Hip Arthroscopy

*** subject to availability and Fitness of cases

Co Ordination : Dr Atul Patil / Dr Sandeep Vaidya

Lunch  : 1 pm onwards