Access Links to Free Articles (ALFA) is another Unique service Offered by Indian Orthopaedic Research Group. A list of free article is generated related to particular topic from Pubmed. All the articles in the list are available full text and are absolutely free. These are provided through the open access policy of the Publisher of the Journals.
A customized list will be provided to the IORG members on request.

Further details of ALFA is available below in FAQ format

What is ALFA (Access Links to Free Articles)?

A. This is a service provided by Indian Orthopaedic Research group where a list of free full text articles from pubmed is provided on a particular topic.

Who can access ALFA?

Only IORG members can access ALFA. IORG members can also request for new topics on which they require the list, links to which will be provided online

What is the payment required for ALFA?

This service is available only for members and its free of charge.

What are additional features of ALFA service?

Through ALFA, a list of important topics will be provided and pubmed links to access all the free articles on that topic will be provided.
Members can request relevant topics and ALFA links will be provided for those topics
For Post graduate students a separate section on ALFA links to articles important for practical and theory exams will be made.
Where will AFFA links lead?
ALFA links will lead to a pubmed page which will contain list of all the free articles on the related topics.

Any other terms and conditions for use of ALFA?
There are no other terms and conditions for using ALFA, However it will only be available for IORG members.
For any other information please contact

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