Difference between SACH-FOOT / JAIPUR-FOOT

This Table is taken from the website of Jaipur Foot and reference mentioned below


1. SACH Foot doesn't look like a Normal Foot. It looks like a Normal Foot.
2. SACH Foot requires a closed shoe to protect as well as hide it. No such need or requirement with Jaipur Foot. But in case someone wants to wear a shoe, he can do it comfartably with a flat heel shoe.

Movements & Activities of Daily Living

3. Wooden Keel is long enough to restrict/limit movements in all direction and what so ever movements take place they occur at unnatural sites. Metallic keel (carriage bolt) is confined to ankle only. So no restriction of movement and all the movements take place at natural sites.
4. Squatting is not possible with SACH foot as it requires dorsi flexion at ankle joint, which due to its rigid keel is not possible. Squatting is easily achieved; as a sufficient range of dorsiflexion is attainable comfortably.
5. No cross- leg sitting is possible because it requires adduction at forefoot & transverse rotation of foot in relation to shank.  Cross- legged sitting is possible because sufficient forefoot adduction & transverse rotation of foot in relation to shank is available.
6. As there is almost no movement at sub-tarsal joint inversion or eversion is not possible; so SACH Foot is suitable only for walking on level ground walking on uneven grounds & rough terrain is very uncomfartable. As there is adequate inversion & eversion at subtarsal level, so walking on uneven ground and rough terrain is very comfortable.
7. Bare-Foot walking is not possible. Bare-Foot walking is possible.
8. As no transverse rotation of the foot in relation to leg is possible, the amplified uneven ground reaction while walking on uneven ground & rough terrain is transmitted over the stump, so great discomfort is complained by amputees.  As transverse rotation of foot in relation to leg is possible, no complaint of discomfort while walking on uneven ground.

Availability of Material & Cost

9. Stern training & skills are required to fabricate SACH Foot. Requires very little training to fabricate.
10. Raw Material for fabrications is not locally available. ( in many parts of world) Raw Material for fabrication is locally available.
11. It is costly and unavailability of the material further adds to the cost. It is very economical.

Financial Advantage

12. 8000 U.S. Dollar 35 U.S. Dollar

Fitment Time

13. 3 Months 1 Hours