Dec 2001

Paper I
1. OA Knee – pathophysiology. Discuss rationale of surgical management of OA Knee
2. Short notes on...
i. Renal Rickets – Pathophysiology
ii. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
iii. Hand to Knee gait in Polio
iv. Wallerian Degenration
v. Endotoxic Shock

Paper II
1. Pathomechanics, Clincal features & Management of various deformities in RA – hand?
2. Short notes on...
i. Pseudoarthrosis
ii. Neglected Cong. Talipes Equino varus
iii. Electromyography
iv. Osteochondromatosis
v. Suction socket prosthesis

Paper III
1.Discuss the pathological alterations of femoral neck & head in neglected & ununited femoral neck fractures and their management?
2. Short notes on...
i. Traumatic paraplegia
ii. Fractures at the upper end of humerus
iii. Intercarpal instability
iv. Two level fracture of shaft of tibia
v. Fractures and dislocation of talus

Paper IV
1. Describe the development of vertebral column.Pathogenesis and management of potts paraplegia. Discuss the treatment of resistant cases?
2. Short notes on...
i. Biodegradable implants
ii. Rigid flat foot
iii. wrist drop
iv. Compartment Syndrome
v. Symes amputation