Dec 2002

Paper I
1. Aetiology, Pathology & Mx of Spinal canal stenosis
2. Short notes on...
i. Tension pneumpthorax
ii. Non specific synovitis
iii. Painful arc syndrome
iv. metastatic lesion of bone & tis management
v. Crush Syndrome

Paper II
1. Pathogenesis, Clinical features & management of Caries spine in a child 10 yrs old
2. Short notes on...
i. Intrinsic muscles hand
ii. fibrous dysplasia
iii. Habittual dislocation patella
iv. LASER Therapy
v. Amputations in children

Paper III
1. Management of fracture pelvis and their complications
2. Short notes on...
i. Cerebral diplegia? Line of Management?
ii. Multiple myelpma – Investigations & Management?
iii. Pes Planus –etiology & Management?
iv. Investigations of Pain in Hand?
v. Rationale of surgical Rx for recurrent anterior dislocation shoulder?

Paper IV
1. Blood supply of head of femur in diff age groups?Management of Idiopathic AVN of Femur?
2. Short notes on...
i. Osteogenesis imperfecta
ii. Cubitus Varus
iii. Renal Rickets
iv. Sudecks dystrophy
v. Neurogenic Bladder