Dec 2003

Paper I
1. Define Gangrene. Describe the aetiological classification & Mx of gas gangerene?
2. Short Notes on...
i. Skin grafting
ii. Madura foot
iii. Mortons metatarsalgia
iv. DVT
v. Ewings tumour

Paper II
1. Management of ankle fractures in children
2. Pathophysiology & presentation of TB spine in children
3. Juvenile Chronic arthritis - DD & investigations
4. Osteochondritis dessicans
5. Congenital amputations of lower limb in children
6. Haemophilia knee
7. Compound palmar ganglia
8. Ulnar claw hand
9. Pes planus
10. Mono ostotoc fibrous dysplasia

Paper III
1. Recent advances in the management of intraarticular fractures of upper end of tibia
2. Short notes on...
i. Rationale of surgical treatment of recurrent dislocation of shoulder
ii. Hangmans fracture
iii. Calcaneum fracture
iv. Orthopaedic complications of high dose steroid
v. Sudeks Osteodystrophy

Paper IV
1. Describe the mechanism of calcium homeostasis by parathyroid hormone and the skeletal changes that occur as a result of hyperparathyroidism. Discuss the uses and limitations of lab investigations in the diagnosis of primary hyperparathyroidism
2. Short notes on...
i. BMP
ii. 2nd line of ATT
iii. Acute ankle sprain
iv. Growth plate & its functions
v. Stress, strain & modulus of elasticity in relationship to implants.

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