DEC 2004

Paper I
1. Describe etiopathogenesis of thoracic outlet syndrome and its management
2. Short notes on...
i. Shock
ii. Haemophiliac arthropathy
iii. Compartment syndrome
iv. Ehler-Danlos syndrome
v. Acute rupture of Achilles Tendon

Paper II
1. Discuss etiology, pathogenesis and management of Perthe’s disease.
2. Write short notes on...
i. Principles of amputation of lower limb in children
ii. Dupuytren’s contracture
iii. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
v. Nuclear Imaging.
iv. F.R.O.

Paper III
1. Classify pelvic fractures and discuss the management.
2. Write short notes on...
i. Fracture Talus
ii. Calcaneovalgus Deformity
iii. Myositis Ossificans
iv. Biomechanics of Hip
v. Habitual Dislocation of Patella

Paper IV
1. Describe calcium metabolism. Discuss the etiology, clinical features, diagnosis and management of nutritional rickets.
2. Write short notes on...
i. Arches of foot
ii. Core decompression
iii. Bone graft substitutes
iv. Pathology of osteoarthritis
v. Sudeck’s osteodystrophy

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