DEC 2007

Paper I
1. management of multiple rib fracture with Haemopneumothorax
2. filum terminale syndrome
3. management of skeletal metastasis
4. round cell tumour. Discuss the management of multiple myeloma
5. osteoporosis
6. management of fat embolism
7. exertional compartment syndrome
8. management of haemarthrosis of knee developing in an injury
9. role of labeled WBC and multiphasic bone scan in bone Pathology
10. tuberculosis of hip joint

Paper II
1. etiology and pathological Anatomy of DDH
2. Mid carpal instability
3. surgical principles of flexor tendon repair
4. klippel feil syndrome
5. indications of amputation. Describe surgical principles of amputation in children and adults
6. pes planus
7. role and mode of action of pharmacological treatment in CP
8. Calcaneovalgus deformity. Disscuss the treatment issues in mature and immature foot
9. madelung deformity
10. shoulder instability

Paper III
1. indications of Valgus osteotomy for fracture neck of femur. Discuss the preoperative planning, Implant choice, advantages and disadvantages of the procedure/
2. guiding principles of removal of orthopaedic implants after fracture union. What are the current recommendations for removal of implant in commonly encountered fractures
3. classify Periprosthetic fractures around the knee. Outline the treatment strategy
4. Classify fractures of the Capitullumn and discuss the management of each type
5. Surgical Anatomy of AC joint along with classification of AC joint injuries. Briefly discuss the management.
6. what are the various protocols which have been used for pharmacological intervention in spinal cord injuries.what is the current opinion on pharmacological intervention
7. classify fractures of pelvis briefly discuss the management of rotationally unstable and vertically stable injuries
8. Various methods of fixing severely osteoporotic fractures.
9. what is LISS. Discuss its role in stabilizing fractures of distal femur.
10. what is ballistics. Briefly describe the current management of ballistic injuries of the spine.

Paper IV
1. Biological enhancement of fracture healing
2. Bearing surface of total hip arthroplasty
3. Causes and treatment of thoracic outlet syndrome
4. what are the musculo skeletal manifestations of retroviral infection
5. high tibial osteotomy
6. discuss the pharmacological treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
7. Structure and function of articular cartilage
8. Sickle cell disease
9. Classify Spondylolisthesis. Describe the management
10. Renal Rickets.

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