June 2002

Paper I
1. Describe the various approaches to the spine
2. Short notes on...
i. Recurrent dislocation of patella
ii. Compression plating
iii. Hallux valgus
iv. Volkmans ischaemic contracture
v. Ewings sarcoma

Paper II
1. Describe the management of claw hand
2. Short notes on...
ii. Septic arthritis of hip in a child below 5 years and above 3years
iii. Epiphyseal injuries
iv. Principles of amputation in children
v. Calcaneovalgus foot

Paper III
1.Treatment of ununited fracture neck of femur
2.Treatment of intercondylar fracture of humerus
3.Investigation of collapse of a vertebra
5.Osteogenesis imperfecta
6.Post Polio Residual Paralysis
7.Diagnostic criteria of osteolytic lesion in upper end tibia
8.Pilon fracture
9.Brodies abscess
10. Costo clavicular syndrome

Paper IV
1. Describe the Anatomy of recurrent dislocation shoulder? Discuss Management
2. Short notes on...
i. Ceramics In Orthopaedics
ii. Bone grafts
iii. Hyper parathyroidism
iv. Pigmented villonodular synovitis
v. Pes planus