Welcome to IPRG
Dear Colleague,
It’s an honor to have you connected to Physiotherapy Research Group.
This group dedicated to promotion of Physiotherapy Academic Research in India.

This group is formed with the Support of International Organization of Research Groups (IORG). Indian Orthopaedic Research Group was the first body Launched by the International Organization of Research Groups and is running successfully in India. Based on the same model the Indian Physiotherapy Research Group is launched to fulfill the requirements and to promote Indian Physiotherapy Research.
Currently IPRG is hosted on the IORG websitewww.iorg.co.in/about-iprg . Soon an independent website for IPRG will be launched.

Research: We at IPRG define research different. It is simple defined as "Pursuit of Knowledge" which helps in better treatment for our patients and enrichment of our subject.
Aims of IPRG:
1. To create a network of Physiotherapy research Academicians, who can come together, plan and work for the upliftment of Indian Physiotherapy Research.
2. Recognition through Excellence in Academics. As evident in current series of events, Physiotherapy as a Medical Profession is undergoing serious reverberations in our country. We at IPRG wish to establish and glorify the faculty of Physiotherapy through Evidence Based Research and Academic Activities. We believe that Academic stronghold will help us gain the trust of our fellow medical professionals and will help us establish and upgrade the scientific Basis of Physiotherapy. Any scientific faculty has developed only through Research and development and we hope to bring the same to profession of Physiotherapy.

What will IPRG do:
We will help the physiotherapist at all steps of Research and Publications through following services
1. Research Education: We believe that Physiotherapist are among the most informed regarding the research Methodology and indeed do and perform a lot of academic research work. However we are not oriented in publishing our manuscripts in Journal. IPRG will conduct workshops on research tools and publications
2. MAPS: Manuscript Assist and Publishing Service: This will be be a paid service where IPRG will take responsibility of Data analysis, manuscript writing, Submission and publication of a project. More details are available on following Link - http://iorg.co.in/manuscript-assistance-and-publishing-service-maps
3. Statistical Service: IPRG has its own experienced Statisticians who will help in statistics for manuscripts. More Information in available on this link-http://iorg.co.in/ortho-stat
4. Study design: This is an exclusive service to design the study and write Protocols. More information is on the following link- http://iorg.co.in/orthopaedic-study-design-osd
5. Authors Share Articles Programme: Not all can have access to online paid Journals, However for research purposes IPRG will ask the authors to provide the articles to the researchers. We will send a request to original authors to provide their article to the researcher free of cost. More details on the following link -http://iorg.co.in/authors-share-article-programme-asap
In near Future We will launch our own Open access, online, Peer review Journal called “Journal of Physiotherapy and Related Research”
Also a new website and Life membership for IPRG will be announced soon.
If there are any other ways you will like to contribute or collaborate with IPRG please let us know. Personally, We assure you that the only way to progress beyond routine existence of an Physiotherapist is research, not only as a tool to gain opportunities and scientific acclaim, but also a source of immense satisfaction of making some difference and improving patient care as an whole.
We are still in a process of formation and expansion of the IPR-Group and the IPRG Services and would like your opinion, co-operation and support.
Please spread the word
Again welcome to the Indian Physiotherapy Research Group - Lets make our country and Our Profession proud
Warm Regards

Shraddha Parmar MPTh
Email- indian.physiotherapy.research@gmail.com
Website- www.iorg.co.in/about-iprg