Injury sep 2012


The role of total hip replacement in the treatment of displaced intracapsular hip fractures in the elderly 

Tim J.S. Chesser, Vijaya M. Budnar, Mehool R. Acharya

BTS 2012 Winning Abstracts

Nottingham trauma symptomatic venous thromboembolism risk score (notsvte). Predicting venous thromboembolism in fractured neck of femurs. A multi-centre validated risk score based on 13,347 serial admissions 

B.J. Ollivere, K.E. Rollins, P. Johnston, J.B. Hunter, et al.
Single-bone fixation of paediatric both-bone diaphyseal forearm fractures: A systematic review 

D.J. Westacott, E.J. Dickenson, N.A. Smith
Vitamin D levels in hip fractures: Rationale and guidelines for rapid substitution therapy 

A. de Jong, K. Woods, M. Suresh, M. Porteous
The open blast pelvis: The significant burden of management 

S. Evans, A. Ramasamy, J. Cooper, J. Kendrew
The Masquelet technique induces the formation of a mesenchymal stem cell rich periosteum like membrane 

R.J. Cuthbert, E. Jones, D. McGonagle, P.V. Giannoudis
Delayed surgery in displaced paediatric supracondylar fractures; results from liverpool 

A.I.W. Mayne, D.C. Perry, S. Dhotare, C.E. Bruce
A novel approach to wrist reduction – A cross trust analysis and the potential health economics 

M. Ricks, S. Rosoli, A. Mohan, J. Hendry, et al.


Acute fractures to the proximal fifth metatarsal bone: Development of classification and treatment recommendations based on the current evidence

Hans Polzer, Sigmund Polzer, Wolf Mutschler, Wolf C. Prall
Biomechanical femoral neck fracture experiments—A narrative review

Trude Basso, Jomar Klaksvik, Unni Syversen, Olav A. Foss
Management of calcaneal fractures: What have we learnt over the years?

Enrique Guerado, María Luisa Bertrand, Juan Ramón Cano


Calcar comminution as prognostic factor of clinical outcome after locking plate fixation of proximal humeral fractures

Georg Osterhoff, Armando Hoch, Guido A. Wanner, Hans-Peter Simmen, et al.
Functional outcomes of surgical reconstruction for posterolateral rotatory instability of the elbow

Kun-Yi Lin, Pei-Hung Shen, Chian-Her Lee, Ru-Yu Pan, et al.
Outcome measurements in major trauma—Results of a consensus meeting

A. Ardolino, G. Sleat, K. Willett
Epidural analgesia for blunt thoracic injury—Which patients benefit most?

Daniel Dante Yeh, Matthew E. Kutcher, M. Margaret Knudson, Julin F. Tang
The natural history of bone bruise and bone remodelling in the traumatised hip: A prospective 2-year follow-up study of bone bruise changes and DEXA measurements in 13 patients with conservatively treated traumatic hip dislocations and/or fractures

Annette K.B. Wikerøy, John Clarke-Jenssen, Stein A. Øvre, Lars Nordsletten, et al.
Injuries from combat explosions in Iraq: Injury type, location, and severity

Susan L. Eskridge, Caroline A. Macera, Michael R. Galarneau, Troy L. Holbrook, et al.
Behaviour of ChronOS™ Inject in metaphyseal bone defects of distal radius fractures: Tissue reaction after 6–15 months

Rohit Arora, Stefan Milz, Christoph Sprecher, Ingrid Sitte, et al.
Tissue engineered bone grafts based on biomimetic nanocomposite PLGA/amorphous calcium phosphate scaffold and human adipose-derived stem cells

Johanna Buschmann, Luc Härter, Shuping Gao, Sonja Hemmi,et al.
Early or delayed operation, which is more optimal for kyphoplasty? A retrospective study on cement leakage during kyphoplasty

Huaqing Guan, Huilin Yang, Xin Mei, Tao Liu, et al.
Surgical treatment of humeral-shaft fractures: A register-based study in Finland between 1987 and 2009

Tuomas T. Huttunen, Pekka Kannus, Vesa Lepola, Harri Pihlajamäki, et al.
Popliteal vasculature injuries in paediatric trauma patients

S.A. Jones, D.C. Roberts, N.M.P. Clarke
Mechanical torque measurement for in vivo quantification of bone strength in the proximal femur

Marc Andreas Mueller, Clemens Hengg, Michael Hirschmann, Denise Schmid, et al.
The management of acute distal tibio-fibular syndesmotic injuries: Results of a nationwide survey

Tim Schepers, Wouter J. van Zuuren, Michel P.J. van den Bekerom, Lucas M.M. Vogels,et al.
Outcomes for four-part proximal humerus fractures treated with a locking compression plate and an autologous iliac bone impaction graft

Sae Hoon Kim, Young Ho Lee, Seok Won Chung, Seung Han Shin, et al.
A new definition of wrist sprain necessary after findings in a prospective MRI study

T.H. Bergh, T. Lindau, S.V. Bernardshaw, M. Behzadi, et al.
The acute compartment syndrome following fractures of the lower leg in children

Peter W. Ferlic, Georg Singer, Tanja Kraus, Robert Eberl
Evaluation of methods and timing in nail dynamisation for treating delayed healing femoral shaft fractures

Kui-Chou Huang, Kwok-Man Tong, Yu-Min Lin, El-Wui Loh, et al.
Initial predictors associated with outcome in injured multiple traumatic limb amputations: A Kandahar-based combat hospital experience

Rodd J. Benfield, Christiaan N. Mamczak, Kim-Chi T. Vo, Tricia Smith,et al.
The effect of in situ augmentation on implant anchorage in proximal humeral head fractures

Stefan Unger, Stefanie Erhart, Franz Kralinger, Michael Blauth, et al.
Bone properties affect loosening of half-pin external fixators at the pin–bone interface

Finn E. Donaldson, Pankaj Pankaj, A. Hamish R.W. Simpson
Evaluating the tibial and femoral insertion site of the anterior cruciate ligament using an objective coordinate system: A cadaver study

Patrick Sadoghi, Paul Borbas, Jörg Friesenbichler, Susanne Scheipl, et al.

Case Reports

Inferior pubic ramus fracture in a child with an associated fracture-haematoma induced inflammatory response 

Sanjeeve Sabharwal, William McClatchie, Nimrat Mangat, David Ward
The use of an interference fit retrograde nail as an adjunct to plate fixation of a complex Vancouver B1 periprosthetic femoral fracture 

J. Stuart Melvin, Jordan L. Smith, Stephen H. Sims, Joshua C. Patt