List of Ongoing Projects under IORG.

1. Staged/Staggered/Simultaneous TKR: Patient Satisfaction at 2 years follow up

2.Demographic factors  affecting patient satisfaction in total knee arthroplasty

3.Functional outcome of floating knee fractures

4. Surgical reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament with or without associated injuries to the knee joint

5.Percutaneous needle tenotomy for management of CDK

6.Sequential lateral release in valgus knees in TKR

7.Rotator cuff injury – Functional outcome after repair

8.Comparison of outcome of health related quality of life (HRQOL) in Degenerative Lumbar Spondylolisthesis

9.A comparison between 6 fold and 4 fold graft in ACL reconstruction

10.Follow up study of cosmetic scoliosis curve and its correlation to cobb’s angle 

11.Ilizarov ring fixator for knee fusion post infected TKR

12.Intrafocal pinning of radial neck fracture in children

13.Sprengel shoulder: Clinical and functional Outcome

14.medial plating and lateral screw fixation for bicolumnar proximal tibia fractures

15.Comparison between direct vertebral derotation and single rod derotation techniques for deformity correction in thoracic scoliosis

16.LCP in non union long bones

17.Assessment of outcomes and factors affecting outcomes in proximal humerus fracture treated with locking plates

18.Effect of Posterior tibial slope on functional outcome in bi condylar tibia fractures

19.5 Year Follow up of INDUS Knee prosthesis

20.Bilateral elbow fracture dislocation: a case report with review

21. Arthroscopic suprascapular nerve release- study of clinical and functional outcome

22.Comparative study of complex and non complex primary total knee replacement – clinical and functional outcome

23.Open reduction and internal fixation of proximal tibia fractures

24.Outcome of Non-union Supra-condylar Femur Fracture

25.Medial tibial bone defect in total knee replacement – comparative study with match paired controls

26.Treatment of Infected Non unions using ring fixator

27.Arthrography of lateral condyle humerus fracture

28.Contiguous tuberculosis of spine – case report

29.Pain Management in Arthroplasty

30.Correlation between pre operative and postoperative alignment on functional outcome of total knee replacement

31.Comparison between reconstruction with cement and bone graft in GCT

32.Result of management of thoracolumbar spine fractures

33.Surgical and functional outcome of acetabulum fractures

33.Case series of revision spine surgery

34.Outcome of management of diaphyseal fractures of the tibia and the femur

35. Arthroscopic Management of Stiff Knee

36.Treatment modalities and outcome assessment in proximal femur fractures

37.Surgical and functional outcome of clavicle fractures

38.Arthroscopic reconstruction of ACL using AM / Transtibial Portal

39.Outcome assessment Of treatment of  delayed presentation of CTEV

40.Predictors of osteoporosis in patients with fragility fractures.

41.Clinical and functional Outcome of TKR

42.Functional outcome of results of TENS in paediatric fractures.

43.Outcome of Knee Ligament Reconstruction

44.Role of pain blocks in management of back pain.

45.Surgical and Functional Outcome of Calcaneal Fractures

46.Management of Cervical myelo-radiculopathy

47.Outcome  of Rotator cuff repair- Single row vs Double row

48.Tourniquet, drain and patellar resurfacing:  difference in protocol and their effect on outcome of Total Knee Replacement

49.Meta-carpal fractures – study of presentation and outcomes

50.Role of surgery in spastic diplegia – combined tendon recession and botox protocol in cases with Scissoring gait

51.Surgical management of tibial plafond fractures

52.Management of ICNF using mini DHS

53. Outcome assessment of High tibial Osteotomy with midterm functional outcome and quality of life of patient

54. Case series of Nonunion distal end radius fractures.