Journal of Paediatric Orthopaedic B - Sep 2012

Pelvis, Hip and Femur

Surgical treatment of hip dislocation in amyoplasia-type arthrogryposis

Wada, Akifusa; Yamaguchi, Toru; Nakamura, Tomoyuki; Yanagida, Haruhisa; Takamura, Kazuyuki; Oketani, Yutaka; Kubota, Hideaki; Fujii, Toshio


Hinged distraction of the hip joint in the treatment of Perthes disease: evaluation at skeletal maturity

Laklouk, Mohamed Abdel-Rehim; Hosny, Gamal Ahmed


Complications of Albizzia femoral lengthening nail: an analysis of 36 cases

Mazeau, Philippe; Assi, Chahine; Louahem, Djamel; L’Kaissi, Mohamed; Delpont, Marion; Cottalorda, Jérôme


The use of ‘damage control orthopedics’ techniques in children with segmental open femur fractures

Mooney, James F.


Iliac osteomyelitis in a newborn: a case report

Sandal, Gonca; Uras, Nurdan; Akar, Melek; Oguz, Serife Suna; Erdeve, Omer; Dilmen, Ugur



The results of the operative treatment of patellar instability in children with Down’s syndrome

Kocon, Hanna; Kabacyj, Michal; Zgoda, Marcin


Hematogenous osteomyelitis of the patella

Gil-Albarova, Jorge; Gómez-Palacio, Victoria Eugenia; Herrera, Antonio


Anterior cruciate ligament recostruction with bone-patellar tendon-bone autograft in Tanner 3 stage patients with open physes

Memeo, Antonio; Pedretti, Leopoldo; Miola, Francesca; Albisetti, Walter


Massive osteochondritis of the lateral femoral condyle associated with discoid meniscus: management with meniscoplasty, rim stabilization and bioabsorbable screw fixation

Camathias, Carlo; Rutz, Erich; Gaston, Mark S.


Discoid medial meniscus with a horizontal cleavage tear: a juvenile who suffered for 3 years

Chen, Jingqing; Gao, Shijun; Chen, Baicheng

Leg and Foot

Painful pes planovalgus: an uncommon pediatric orthopedic presentation of Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease

Hoellwarth, Jason S.; Mahan, Susan T.; Spencer, Samantha A.


Reconstruction and anticipatory Langenskiöld procedure in traumatic defect of tibial medial malleolus with type 6 physeal fracture

Abbo, Olivier; Accadbled, Frank; Laffosse, Jean-Michel; De Gauzy, Jérome Sales


Medial subtalar dislocation associated with fracture of the posterior process of the talus

Liu, Zhenjiang; Zhao, Qun; Zhang, Lijun


Digital calcinosis circumscripta: case series and review of the literature

Ardolino, Antonella M.; Milne, Benjamin W.; Patel, Premal A.; Fairhurst, Joanne; Clarke, Nicholas M.P.


Cerebral Palsy

Does gender influence the long-term outcome of single-event multilevel surgery in spastic cerebral palsy?

Zwick, Ernst B.; Švehlík, Martin; Kraus, Tanja; Steinwender, Gerhard; Linhart, Wolfgang E.


Parenting stress in parents of children with cerebral palsy and its association with physical function

Park, Moon Seok; Chung, Chin Youb; Lee, Kyoung Min; Sung, Ki Hyuk; Choi, In Ho; Kim, Tae Won



Langerhans cell histiocytosis of bone in children: a long-term retrospective study

Postini, Anna Maria; Andreacchio, Antonio; Boffano, Michele; Pagano, Manuela; Brach Del Prever, Adalberto; Fagioli, Franca


The 50 most cited articles in pediatric orthopedic surgery

Baldwin, Keith D.; Kovatch, Kevin; Namdari, Surena; Sankar, Wudbhuv; Flynn, John M.; Dormans, John P.


Upper Limb

A subscapularis-preserving arthroscopic release of capsule in the treatment of internal rotation contracture of shoulder in Erb’s palsy (SPARC procedure)

Kany, Jean; Kumar, Hemanth A.; Amaravathi, Rajkumar S.; Abid, Abdelaziz; Accabled, Franck; de Gauzy, Jérôme Sales; Cahuzac, Jean Philippe


Acute traumatic posterior elbow dislocation in children

Lieber, Justus; Zundel, Sabine M.; Luithle, Tobias; Fuchs, Jörg; Kirschner, Hans-Joachim


Titanium elastic nailing radius and ulna fractures in adolescents

Wall, Lindley; O’Donnell, June C.; Schoenecker, Perry L.; Keeler, Kathryn A.; Dobbs, Matthew B.; Luhmann, Scott J.; Gordon, J. Eric