June 2010


Paper I
1.   Acute compartment syndrome
2.   Gene therapy in orthopaedics
3.   Vitamin D resistant rickets
4.   Advances in medical treatment  of rheumatoid arthritis
5.   Management of multiple rib fractures with haemothorax
6.   Differentiating features of head injury from cerebral symptoms of fat embolism syndrome
7.   Haemophilic arthropathy
8.   PET scan in orthopaedics practice
9.   Automatic bladder
10.   Electrodiagnostic studies

Paper II
1.   Salter Harris classification of epiphyseal injuries and it’s relevance to skeletal growth.
2.   Principles of management of radial nerve injury
3.   Ponseti method of CTEV management
4.   Salter’s osteotomy
5.   Floor reaction orthosis
6.   Klippel  Feil syndrome
7.   Claw hand
8.   Tom Smith arthritis
9.   Principle of amputation of lower limbs in children
10.   Patho-anatomy and management of congenital vertical talus

Paper III
1.   Principles, merits & demerits of locking plates
2.   Damage control orthopaedics
3.   Describe the pathophysiology and pharmacological treatment of acute spinal cord injury
4.   Classify distal radius fractures. What are the recent trends in their management?
5.   Methods for reducing risks of blood transfusion
6.   Evaluation and principles of management of fracture acetabulum
7.   Classify peri-prosthetic fractures following THR. Outline theis management strategies.
8.   Shoulder instability
9.   Distraction histiogenesis
10.   Classify fracture calcaneum and describe their management.

Paper IV
1.   Biological enhancement of fracture healing
2.   High tibial osteotomy
3.   Concepts of total knee replacement
4.   Recent advances in bearing surfaces of total hip arthroplasty
5.   DVT  prophylaxis
6.   Management of metastasis in spine
7.   Describe blood supply of long bones and effects of various modalities of fixation on this
8.   Multi-organ dysfunction syndrome
9.   Management of congenital scoliosis
10.   Enumerate various diagnostic tests with their relative merit for post-operative infection. Outline the treatment of post-operative infection after internal fixation