Trauma Registry is one of the most Ambitious projects of IORG. It is a form of simple mobile app that is designed to collect simple epidemiological data for all Trauma Cases.

More than 300 Surgeons from across the country have Joined Trauma Registry. Please enroll and contribute your cases and be part of this multicentric Research Collaboration. Every Surgeon Contributing Cases will be acknowledged in the Research Papers. Trauma Registry is a Mobile App for collecting Epidemiological Data on incidence and prevalence of various types of fractures. The process is very simple and requires hardly 30 seconds for one case to be uploaded. Please download the apps from Google Playstore or itunes. Links for both are provided below

Android App:

iOS App:

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FAQ About Trauma Registry

1.Who can contribute?

Any Orthopaedic Surgeon across the world can contribute

2. How to enroll?

Download the app using above links, fill up a simple form for one time enrollment

3. What about safety of patient data?

All data in the system is encrypted and no personal patient data is extracted in the cloud. Personal data of patients is kept only in the personal mobile phones of the users and not synced with the system. Also no one except iorg researcher has access to this de-personalised data. This data will not be shared with anyone under any circumstances. Only the composite analysis of data will be published as Journal articles with proper acknowledgements

4. How will the authorship for paper be decided?

Every contributor who contributes the cases in Trauma registry will be acknowledged as part of the Trauma Registry Research Group

5. Do I need ethics approval or patient consent for this study?

You do not need an ethic approval as this is simple audit of preoperative x rays to study the variations in fracture patterns. There is no intervention involved. However patient consent is essential. You can add a simple sentence to your consent forms stating "Radiographs and clinical data will be contributed to Trauma Registry app in order to create a database of such fractures and conduct research on variations in fracture patterns which will in turn help in better understanding and treatment of these injuries''

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