Why the new Journal?

This is the first question that will come to your mind when there are already existing journals of Spine Surgery. Well we feel there are two main reasons; to produce a body of literature that is clinically relevant and to make this knowledge freely accessible to all. Journals have shown trend to move towards a more rigid framework of scientific publications, meanwhile losing the focus that Journals are meant to directly influence and improve patient care. Charging for downloading articles imposes another limitation on dispersion and use of knowledge. IJS intends to counter these two issues by creating a journal that is intelligent, interactive, and clinically relevant and at the same time completely Open Access.


We invite you to join us in this cause as the Editorial Board member of IJS. As an editorial board member you will be required to review maximum of 3 articles in a year. You can also contribute to help build the journal by giving us suggestions and promoting the journal in your circle, however this is purely voluntary.

Below are few links that provide more information about the journal

1. Register your profile and expertise here:  http://scripturesubmission.com/index.php/ijs/user/register
2. Read the Journal guidelines here: http://ijsonline.co.in/authors-guidelines/
3. Read about unique features of IJS here: http://ijsonline.co.in/about-ijs/
4. Familiarize with the Editorial Board here: http://ijsonline.co.in/editorial-board/
5. Submit one of your own papers here: http://ijsonline.co.in/submit-manuscript/
6. Learn more about IJS: http://ijsonline.co.in/

We again invite you to Editorial board of IJS and to the 'Orthopaedic Research Group' Family and look forward to your support in making IJS the leading place to publish and share knowledge of Spine Surgery
Should you have any questions or comments or should you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Editorial Office through this email

Best regards,

Your IJS  Editorial team


Dr Ketan Khurjekar    |    Dr Shailesh Hadgaonkar


International Journal of Spine

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