IORG proudly brings to you a collection of DNB Short notes.

These notes are compiled by Dr Rajasekhar Rao  and Edited by IORG and we thank him immensly for giving it to us to make it available to all online audiance.. These are specially timed for writing Short notes in Orthopaedic Theory Exams


These short notes are based on standard texbooks, webpages and recent literature. We have compiled the information from varied sources to make it available at one place. We do not claim authorship of the material and all material is licensed under common creative License. Wherever Possible we have acknowledged the source in our refewrences and in case anyone has any issue with copyright of the material, Please inform us on

Starting with the first five Short notes in  series of Short Notes that will cover the entire List of DNB short Notes over a period of one Year.

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Firstly a free down load of  Müller AO Classification of Fractures—Long Bones is available Here - Click to download


1.Chemistry and classes of Bisphosphonates - Click here 

2. Bohler Braun Splint - Click Here 

3. Difference between SACH-FOOT / JAIPUR-FOOT - Click Here 

4. Giant Cells - Click Here

5. Milwaukee Brace - Click Here 

6.Alkaptonuria (Ochronosis)-Click Here

7.Blood supply of bone-Click Here

8.Blood Supply of the femoral head-Click Here

9.Psoas Abscess-Click Here

10.Bomb blast injuries -Click Here

11.Focal dome osteotomy-Click Here

12.Malalignment test-Click Here


14.Callotaxis or bone transport - Click Here

15.central venous pressure- Click Here

16.cobaltism-Click Here

17.Congenital vertical talus -Click Here

18.Denosumab- Click Here

19.Electrical properties of bone-Click Here

20.LCP Principles- Click Here

21.Migratory osteolysis-Click Here

22.Negative pressure wound therapy-Click Here

23.Pamidronate disodium - Click Here

24.Patient controlled analgesia- Click Here

25.Post op pain control and Multimodal pain management- Click Here

26.Raloxifene- Click Here

27.Scaphoid Blood supply-Click Here

28.Surgical audit-Click Here

29.Tension band Wiring-Click Here

30.Wax Baths- Click Here

31.Zoledronic acid-Click Here

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