Journal of Orthopaedic Conference Proceedings 

Only about 5% of conference presentations are ever published. This may be due to time and resources constraint on part of the Authors or due a myriad of reasons. However this leads to a delay in publication of a lot of novel ideas.
A lot of senior Surgeons have commented that a certain print article is describing exactly the technique that they have been presenting since years in various orthopaedic conference. they however have failed to publish it in journals and thus the technique is now know by the name of the published authors.
To address these accounts we are now Starting this Journal of Orthopaedic Conference Proceedings. Here any conference presentation can be submitted as a power point presentation. The certificate issued by the conference will be required to verify and also a signed approval from all the authors will be required. This submission will then be peer reviewed and if found suitable will be published online. The journal will publish the abstract and the presentation and the full article can be published in a separate  Journal. The presentation will be available immediately online and will be compiled into 4 issues annually. Publication in this Journal will not prevent you from publishing the entire work in paper format to any other Journal. Please submit you presentation with a copy of conference certificate and authors approval to

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