Random Exam Questions-Answers (REQA) is an Unique Venture from IORG.


These are compiled by interviewing a lot of Students who have attempted Practical Exams of MS, DNB or DOrth. Senior Examiners and Consultants have also contributed to REQA Bank. We thank all these contributors and also invite other who wish to include their exam questions in this section. The contributors name will be put up in a bracket at the end of the question. Members who wish to submit a question can send us the question by email to indian.ortho@gmail.com

Ortho-REQA has its own Editorial Board, which compiles these question, checks for correct answers and look over the working of the section.

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Dr Satyam Patel is the current Editor of Ortho-REQA


Ortho-REQA Editorial board


DR Satyam Patel M.S Ortho.
Editor for Random Exam Questions and Answers

Editorial Board


Dr Anubhav Jain M.S. Ortho

Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation

Dr Hardik Agrawat M.S. Ortho



Dr Saurabh Gupta D. Ortho; DNB Ortho


    Invitation to Join Ortho-REQA Editorial Board

There are 4 more positions on the Ortho-REQA editorial Board. These positions are for a duration of 2 years after which the name will be included in the advisory Board of Ortho-REQA. Interested Orthopedic Surgeons can send their application to us at indian.ortho@gmail.com.

Responsibility of Editorial Board members:

1.Accumulate and assimilate New questions

2.Interview senior examiner on specific topics

3.Ask for contributions form recently passed students

4.Spread the word to people who can be benefitted by Ortho-REQA

Benefits of Joining Ortho-REQA:

1.This will help in getting an experience in holding an academic post in the largest online Orthopaedic Community.

2.Working with REQA will add an academic Post to your CV (Editorial Board Member, Ortho-REQA) and also provides you an oppurtunity to work with a wide network of Orthopods.

3.Priority consideration for higher academic posts in IORG (editorial board of IORG, Facebook group; Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports; Journal Medical Thesis and our othe academic ventures)

4.An Online Certificate from IORG stating that you are a Member of the Editorial Board of Ortho-REQA.


Contribute to Ortho-REQA

Members who wish to submit a question can send us the question by email to indian.ortho@gmail.com.

All contributors will be acknowledged and their names will be added in brackets after the Answer.

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