For post graduate students and trainees IORG has following services

1. Concise Reviews- These are a pool of landmark articles published in journals regarding important topics related to Exams.

2. Clinical Examination Proforma (CEP)- These are the proformas for case presentations for post graduate examinations. These are based on the guidelines provided by the experienced examiners and the post graduate board.

3. Exam Case Layout (ECL)- Presentation principles along with Important exam questions for related topics are compiled together to prepare these series of important Notes. Every exam topic is covered with a latest review of literature and links to relevant articles and full texts

4. Dr Steve's 'Orthopaedic Radiographs' Compiled By Dr Steve Rocha, these will include common exam Radiographs with the relevant Questions commonly asked in practical examination. A good exercise for Practicing Surgeons too.

5. Basic Orthopaedic Principles- These include power points and other documents on Basic Orthopaedic Principles. These are based on thorough review by senior post graduate examiners.

6. Random Exam Questions- A quick review of Questions asked in Practical examinations of MS, DNB and Dorth. Compiled by Passed Out Students, this is one of its kind Repository of Important Exam Questions. Read for more details

7. Fellowships- Information regarding fellowships from both India and Abroad are provided with contact details.

8. Ortho-Stat- This is a statistical service available to the post graduates at a concessional rates for their thesis. Read for more information

9. Orthopaedic Study Design- Post graduate students can also apply for this service for designing of their thesis. Read more for details

10. Recent updates- these are blogs that provide recent update on each subspeciality of Orthopaedics. Concise points for exams are also highlighted.

11. Authors-Share-Articles Programme (ASAP)- For their thesis if the students require particular articles they can apply for this service. This service is free of cost and will help students in getting good references for their research. Read more for details.

12. Manuscript Assistance and Publishing Service (MAPS)- The post graduate students will be given special concessional rates for converting their thesis into a manuscript and publishing it. Read more for details.

 13. Access Links to Free Articles (ALFA)- This service will provide links to all free full text articles available on pubmed (these are full text articles provided by the publisher). The articles will be sorted according selected topics and links to access the free full text will be provided. These link list will be updated every month so all the latest articles will be included in the list. To be Launched Soon.

14. Collaborative Authorship Programme (CAP)- Through this service IORG will collaborate between seniors having data and junior having time. We will select potential candidates from IORG members who will be taken as co-authors for Original Research Papers. This will be done with consent and approval of the author to whom the project belongs. Proper guidelines will be announced soon and this service will be available for IORG members only. To be Launched Soon




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