Random Exam Questions-Answers (REQA) is compiled by interviewing a lot of Students who have attempted Practical Exams of MS, DNB or DOrth. Senior Examiners and Consultants have also contributed to REQA Bank. We thank all these contributors and also invite other who wish to include their exam questions in this section. The contributors name will be put up in a bracket at the end of the question as shown below. Members who wish to submit a question can send us the question by email to indian.ortho@gmail.com

This will count as online publication in your name which can easily be searched as per out Search Engine Optimisation for the website. With significant contribution we will add your name to the editorial board of  IORG-REQA and receiving a certificate for the same

Till now two full sets of REQA question and answers is published and is available online at following links



With new additions more subsets will be formed till subject wise questions can be arranged

We look forward to co-operation from all post graduate students and trainees


Editorial Board of IORG - REQA

Editor- Dr Ashok Shyam

Editorial Board

Dr Surendra Patil

Dr Rajeev Joshi

Dr Pankush Arora

Dr Chirag TN

Dr Rajasekhar Rao


Please contribute to REQA and get your name on the Editorial Board  of REQA


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