Dear IORG Members,

We are proud to bring the News of First Announcement of "Arthropaedia".

This is a First of its kind Venture which will revolutionarise how knowledge is Created, Shared and Read by us.

"Arthropaedia" has taken more than a year to Conceptualise, Create and Execute and involves some the brightest collaborators from field of Orthopaedics, Technology and Publishing worlds.

We have tried to create an experience in which we all can Co-Create, Co-Design and Co-Lead in creating that specific and individualised experience.

Arthropaedia is an idea that interwines a  Popular Magazine, a Scientific Journal, a great Networking tool and a Platform for information diggers and information creators. We have used latest technology to create this "PORTAL" which will deal with all issues related to "Human Joints in Health and Disease".

The First Announcement of "Arthropaedia©" was made in APAS 2012 in Mumbai

The arthropaedia Website is currently online and We urge our Members to Visit

IORG Members can register online or write to us at

We will continue to bring more information about Arthropaedia

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